Amazon’s private-label diapers are back – CNET


Amazon has finally brought back its own private-label diapers, though this time under a new name.

The e-commerce giant quietly launched the new diapers at sizes 1 to 6 on its US website, but the products are currently available by invite only. A newborn size is on Amazon’s site, too, but hasn’t yet launched.

The diapers are offered under the new Mama Bear private-label name — which is used to sell diaper pail refills, baby food and baby laundry detergent — instead of the prior Amazon Elements name.

After the company released its Amazon Elements diapers in late 2014, it ended up pulling the product from its store just a few weeks later because of poor “consumer feedback.” Amazon at the time said it would make design changes to the diapers, but instead three years passed and they hadn’t relaunched the product until now.

The new diapers launched last week and are made by Kimberly Clark, according to e-commerce data company One Click Retail, which pointed out the new product in an email Tuesday. Mama Bear diapers and baby wipes are now selling in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but the company kept the Amazon Elements name for its wipes in the US, One Click Retail said. 

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but has previously confirmed that Mama Bear is one of its private labels.

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