How to Deal With Tons of Homework

A pile of homework can seem daunting, but it’s doable if you make a plan. Make a list of everything you need to do, and work your way through, starting with the most difficult assignments. Focus on your homework and tune out distractions, and you’ll get through things more efficiently. Giving yourself breaks and other rewards will help you stay motivated along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck! Hang in there, and you’ll knock the homework out before you know it.


EditMaking a Plan

  1. Create a checklist of the the tasks you have. Before diving in, make a list of all the things you need to do for your homework. As you complete each task, cross it off your list. The satisfaction of checking things off will keep you motivated to continue.[1]
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  2. Tackle the hardest homework first. Your first thought might be to procrastinate and put off the most difficult homework. If you get the hard stuff out of the way when you’re most alert, however, it will be easier to get through the rest of the pile.[2]
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    • Make a plan to go through your work bit by bit, saving the easiest tasks for last.
  3. Work in a comfortable but distraction-free place. If you have a ton of homework to get through, giving it your whole attention will help you get through it as fast as possible. Find a comfortable chair and table to work at, but make sure they’re not in a noisy area.[3]
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    • Put phones and any other distractions away. If you have to do your homework on a computer, avoid checking your email or social media while you are trying to work.
  4. Ask for help if you get stuck. If you come to a part of your homework that you don’t know how to do, ask a family member to help you. That way, you won’t get bogged down and discouraged. With a little help, you can quickly move on to the next thing.[4]
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    • If you have the option to do your homework in a study hall, library, or other place where there might be tutors, go for it. That way, there will be help around if you need it.

EditStaying Motivated

  1. Take a break now and then. You might think that tearing through all of your homework tasks from start to finish is the fastest way to do it. If you have a ton of homework, however, you’ll probably get burnt out if you don’t take a break every now and then. At least every two hours, take a 15 minute breather.[5]
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    • To take a break, get up and move away from your workspace. Walk around a bit, and get a drink or snack.
    • Moving around will recharge you mentally and physically, so you’re ready to tackle the next part of your homework.
  2. Remind yourself of the big picture. If you start to feel discouraged by all the homework you have to do, take a minute and think about why you need to do it. After taking a break, take 1 minute and jot down all the reasons why you really need to do your homework. What are your big goals? How will doing your homework help you achieve them?[6]
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    • For instance, you might write “I need to do this chemistry homework because I want a good average in the class. That will raise my GPA and help me stay eligible for the basketball team and get my diploma.”
    • Your goals might also look something like “I’m going to write this history paper because I want to get better as a writer. Knowing how to write well and make a good argument will help me when I’m trying to enter law school, and then down the road when I hope to become a successful attorney.”
  3. Bribe yourself. There’s no shame in thinking about a little reward to stay motivated and get through all of your homework. Tell yourself that as soon as you do your homework, you’ll go for a walk to the park with your friends, or just relax with a movie for a while. You can also say something like “If I get through all of my homework today, I’ll have more time tomorrow to go hang out with everyone.”[7]
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EditStarting Good Homework Habits

  1. Talk to your teachers about what they want. When your teacher gives you a homework assignment, take a minute to look it over and make sure you understand it. If there’s anything that’s not clear to your teacher, talk to them right away. That way, you won’t be stuck at the last minute with no idea what to do.[8]
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  2. Make a homework schedule. Try to do your homework at the same time each day. If you set a schedule, then you’ll be prepared and know exactly what to do. This will also keep you from feeling guilty about putting homework off./[9]
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    • Try doing your homework as soon as possible after it is assigned. Say you have one set of classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and another on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Do the Monday homework on Monday, instead of putting it off until Tuesday.
    • That way, the class will still be fresh in your mind, making the homework easier.
    • This also gives you time to ask for help if there’s something you don’t understand.
  3. Try a study group. If everyone in your group is serious about getting homework done, this can be great. You can help each other out with assignments, and quiz each other to prepare for exams.[10]
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    • If you want to keep everyone accountable, write a pact for everyone in your study group to sign, like “I agree to spend 2 hours on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with my study group. I will use that time just for working, and won’t give in to distractions or playing around.”
    • Once everyone’s gotten through the homework, there’s no problem with just hanging out as friends!
  4. Let your teacher know if you’re having trouble keeping up. If you’re devoting regular time to doing your homework, and it still feels like you have a ton to do, talk to your teacher. They can give you advice about how to get through it most efficiently, and help you out if there’s something you don’t understand.[11]
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    • Most teachers are willing to listen if you’re trying and legitimately have trouble keeping up. They might even adjust the homework assignments to make them more manageable.

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