How to Help Save Honey Bees

Honey bees are very important in the wild, for food production and in gardens. Without them, much pollination would cease. This article provides helpful ideas to help save honey bees.


  1. Plant a wide variety of flowering plants in your garden. This provides different options for the bees to pollinate from. Make sure that you try to plant wildflowers that grow in your community. Planting herbs are a great option as they are healthy for the honey bees.
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  2. Sign up for a free packet of seeds at if you are Canadian. They will provide you with Lance-leaved Coreopsis, New England Aster, Dense Blazing Star, Golden Tickseed, and Sneezeweed flower seeds. also provides helpful tips on saving bees.
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  3. Avoid using pesticides. Pesticides are harmful to bees.
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  4. Choose your honey carefully. Local bee farmers that care about their honey bees is a great way to go!
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  5. Eat organic foods. Eating organic is one way of supporting the banning of pesticides. Eating organic is healthier; and, if you plant your own vegetables and fruit, you are supporting the honey bees.
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  6. Support community gardens in your area that are also organic. This provides the community and the bees with food.
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  7. Leave bee hives alone when you find them. Don’t go disturbing the bees or taking their honey or honey comb.
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  8. Leave dandelions and clover growing in your grass. These are some very popular flowers that honey bees make stops at since they are abundant.
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  9. Become a bee keeper. This can be a challenge! Make sure that you have enough time and money before trying this out!
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  10. Put a small basin of water outside near your garden. Bees get thirsty just like us. Bird baths also work for providing the bees with a drink.
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  11. Realize that bees are your friends. Honey bees don’t want to hurt you. They rarely sting. The only reason they do sting on rare occasions is because they are very disrupted or angry. Bees die a few hours after they sting you, so they prefer not to sting so they can live.
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  12. Use safe bee removals if you have bees living in your house. Go with an option that releases them into a natural environment rather than killing them.
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  13. Research and learn more about honey bees.
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  14. Share the information! Get the word out there and help others start a thriving garden for the honey bees!
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  • Research flowers that grow in the wild and plant them. Always make sure you are planting safe flowers for you, kids, and/or pets to be around as some may be poisonous.

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