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Darth Vader gets down with his Sith self.


Do you remember that scene in “Saturday Night Fever” where Darth Vader wears black bell-bottom pants and struts down the street to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees? I don’t either, but you can at least pretend it happened when you buy a Death Star disco ball from ThinkGeek

There are a lot of reasons why this works. For starters, the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, a time when disco was sweeping the nation. That’s the same year John Travolta danced through “Saturday Night Fever.” A disco ball also shares the same overall shape as Darth Vader’s Death Star spacecraft. 

We’ve seen some DIY Death Star disco balls before, but this 16-inch (41-centimeter) mirror ball is officially licensed Star Wars merch. For the most part, it looks like a normal disco ball until you spot the concave dish, which doesn’t actually contain a superlaser.

For a true party atmosphere, you’ll probably also want to invest in a spinning motor to hang the ball from and a pin-point spotlight for sending thousands of sparkling little stars dancing across the room. 

The $49.95 ThinkGeek-exclusive disco ball only ships to the US, so international buyers will either need to make a Kessel Run to the States or use a proxy to get it overseas.  

If you do happen to buy one of these, see if you can also pick up a copy of the mostly forgotten 1977 hit album “Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk,” which contains a far-out disco version of the Star Wars theme.

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