Snap unveils redesigned personalized Snapchat experience – CNET


Snap’s Discover page


Snapchat wants to be there for you. 

Snap, the company behind the social media network, on Wednesday unveiled new features to try to make Snapchat more personalized. In particular, the company is splitting up the app experience to separate the social aspect of Snapchat (your friends) and the media aspect (your interests and content). 

Snapchat still opens up with the camera app as the “home page” but introduced a new “Friends” page when you swipe to the left. Swiping to the right takes you to an updated “Discover” page with shows and content from media partners. The company said it hopes to make the Discover page easier for companies to distribute content and make money. 

The redesign is a response to the slowing growth that Snap continues to face. The company in the last quarter acknowledged that its user experience can be confusing and a detriment to adding new people. 

The company is also facing intense competition from Facebook, which has rolled out a similar “Stories” short-video-post feature both on its core site and on Instagram. 

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