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Fitbit Ionic Watch

How many apps will be good ones?

Sarah Tew/CNET

Fitbit wants to go after the Apple Watch. Will more apps help?

The Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit’s newest watch that debuted in October, didn’t launch with an app store right away. That App Gallery is now live, and with it comes a handful of new apps. Fitbit promised that, much like the Pebble smartwatch (which Fitbit acquired), app development would eventually transform what the Fitbit Ionic could do.

Fitbit’s App Gallery promises reasonably fast app development in the spirit of what Pebble used to be. Both the new apps and the App Gallery launch today.

The new apps launching now are ETrade, Flipboard, a Hue Lights control app, Surfline (surf reports), the New York Times and Yelp. Fitbit promises TripAdvisor, United Airlines, Nest, Clue and Game Golf by the end of the year.

Of more interest to possible Fitbit buyers is a bunch of new watch faces that will expand the dozen-plus already available.

The most exciting part might be Fitbit Labs, where the company plans to explore new ideas like gamified fitness. Fitbit Pet (a fitness game mixed with a virtual pet app, which sounds similar to Pebble’s popular FitCat app), another game-fitness hybrid called Treasure Trek, Mood Log (a mood-logging watch face that looks for patterns), a mental-acuity game encouraging sleep habits called Think Fast and a tennis-tracking app are coming in the next month.

And, while Fitbit has Pandora for on-watch music in the US, Fitbit is partnering with Deezer for music internationally.

If the Fitbit Ionic is really going to become a true fitness smartwatch, it’ll need to do more things better. We’ll update the Ionic review once we have a chance to test out these new apps and features.

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