Samsung S-Ray speaker is like a death ray for your ears, without the dying part – CNET


Samsung has announced a new directional speaker technology called S-Ray that enables users to listen to their devices without disturbing others.

The company says the technology will be used in a number of different devices including a Bluetooth speaker, a phone cover and a personal neckband like the Bose SoundWear.

While the S-Ray is directional, the competing Bose product is omnidirectional, meaning others can hear the SoundWear while you’re listening to it.

Samsung has yet to elaborate on how the system works, though it could possibly use some kind of beam-forming: a set of sound waves that culminates at the user’s ears and can’t be heard anywhere else. While this would suit a neckband perfectly — where a user’s head is at a known distance — how this would work with a Bluetooth speaker is still unknown.

Samsung has yet to announce these as physical products however, and will instead be showcasing the technology at CES 2018 next week.

Samsung did not respond immediately to CNET’s request for more information.

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