How to Delete a Table in Word

This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a table from a Word document in Windows or macOS.

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1. Open Word.
2. Press (PC) or (Mac).
3. Select the document.
4. Click Open.
5. Hover the cursor over the table.
6. Right-click the 4-directional arrow.
7. Click Delete Table or Cut.


  1. Open Microsoft Word. If you’re using Windows, you’ll find it in the Microsoft Office folder under All Apps in the Windows/Start menu. If you have macOS, it’ll be in the Applications folder.
    Delete a Table in Word Step 1.jpg
  2. Press (Windows) or (macOS). This opens the Open dialog.
    Delete a Table in Word Step 2.jpg
  3. Select the document that contains the table. To do this, navigate to the folder where the file is stored, then click the file’s name.
    Delete a Table in Word Step 3.jpg
    • Click . The contents of the file will appear.
  4. Hover your mouse cursor over the table. A tiny 4-directional arrow will appear at the table’s top-left corner.
    Delete a Table in Word Step 4.jpg
  5. Right-click the 4-directional arrow. A menu will appear.
    Delete a Table in Word Step 5.jpg
  6. Click . This removes the table from the document.
    Delete a Table in Word Step 6.jpg
    • If you don’t see a Delete Table option, click Cut instead.
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