How to Plan a Romantic Treasure Hunt

A romantic treasure hunt is a fun and unique way to celebrate your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just to let your partner know that you love them. There are many different ways to create a treasure hunt, so cater yours to your relationship. With a bit of planning and effort, you can create a romantic treasure hunt that your partner will absolutely love.


EditPlanning the Treasure Hunt

  1. Decide what and where the final treasure will be. When planning your own romantic treasure hunt, it’s easiest to start with your end result and work backwards. Knowing how the treasure hunt will end will help you plan how to get there. Choose a final location and/or activity that has a special meaning to you and your partner. You can include numerous activities and locations throughout your treasure hunt, but make sure to end it in the most special way imaginable.
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    • Choose the spot where you had your first date or first kiss.
    • End your treasure hunt in a romantic hotel room setting.
    • Consider ending your treasure hunt at the spot where you and your spouse got engaged.[1]
  2. Plan the other parts of your treasure hunt. Create a list of all of the activities and/or locations that are meaningful to you and your partner, as these could be used in your treasure hunt. Use locations where you share amazing memories, include your partner’s favorite coffee shop or restaurant, etc.
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    • The longer you want your treasure hunt to be, the more steps you should have.
    • Make sure to keep the treasure hunt fun and interesting. If you make it too long, your partner may get bored or tired.[2]
  3. Consider the scope of your romantic treasure hunt. Do you want to do the whole treasure hunt in your house? Do you want to plan it to be throughout your neighborhood? Do you want to create a treasure hunt around the entire city? Do you want your treasure hunt to last all day or just a couple hours? Do you want to include activities or do you just want to leave clues at numerous locations? Be creative, and remember to choose locations that are important to you and your partner.
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    • Consider how your date will get around town. If they have a car, you can plan a larger scale treasure hunt. However, if they have to take public transit, walk, or ride their bike, you might want to plan your treasure hunt on a smaller scale.
    • Plan your treasure hunt so that it geographically makes sense. Don’t make your date zig-zag around town. Plan each step so that you treasure hunt flows easily.
    • Take advantage of your city’s landmarks when planning out your treasure hunt. These landmarks could serve as a guide for parts of your treasure hunt.[3]

EditMaking the Clues

  1. Determine what kind of clues you want to give. You can create a variety of written clues, you can use photos, or you can use small gifts to lead your partner to each step of the treasure hunt. You can use the same type of clue throughout your entire treasure hunt, or you can incorporate all different types of clues.
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  2. Write romantic clues that lead to special places. These clues should be special to your relationship, so include locations that are extremely memorable to you and your partner. At each place, you should leave another clue that leads to a new location. Consider adding rhymes to your clues to make the treasure hunt even cuter.
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    • For example, simple clues could be:
      • The first place we kissed.
      • The place where we had our last tickle fight.
      • The place where we first said “I love you.”[4]
    • Clues with riddles or rhyming could be:
      • This was a night I’ll never forget, go to the place where our lips first met.
      • I know you love your morning cup of joe, ask your favorite barista for your next place to go.
  3. Write clues that lead to your partner’s favorite locations or activities. Make sure to choose locations that aren’t too difficult to figure out, otherwise they may end up going to the wrong locations. For this approach, you may need to get employees involved at each location. If the locations are willing to participate, give an employee at each location the next clue to give your partner. For example, clues could be:
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    • Your favorite restaurant.
    • Our Sunday fun-day location.
    • Our favorite ice cream spot.
    • To make clues, it’s recommended to use bright, sturdy paper (like colored construction paper) so that your partner can easily find each clue.
  4. Use pictures to lead your partner to each clue. Use pictures of special memories, recognizable locations, and other specific things to lead your partner on a romantic treasure hunt. Tell them to follow each photo to get to the the next photo. For example, take photos of:
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    • A photo of you two at a particular restaurant.
    • A photo of a certain dress / shirt you wore for a special occasion.
    • A photo of an inside joke that will lead your partner to a specific location.
  5. Give your partner little gifts throughout their treasure hunt that will lead to the final surprise. Individually wrap each gift and include a clue to lead them to the next gift. This will allow your partner to have fun trying to figure out what the grand surprise is as they unwrap each gift.
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    • For example, your treasure hunt could lead your partner to a romantic massage that you’ve set up in your bedroom. Leave gifts such as candles, massage oil, a bathrobe, lotions, etc. in each step of your treasure hunt. Once they get to the final location, you’ll be able to use all of these items for your final surprise.[5]

EditSetting Up the Treasure Hunt

  1. Gather your supplies. Whether you’re writing clues, placing photos in special locations, or giving little gifts throughout your treasure hunt, you’ll need to get all of the materials that you’ll need to create your treasure hunt. Get these supplies when you’re not with your partner so that they don’t become suspicious.[6]
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    • Whether you’re writing clues or giving small gifts, you’ll need to prepare all of the steps to your treasure hunt.
    • Consider numbering the each clue to make sure that you place the clues in order.
  2. Set up each step. Go to each of your treasure hunt locations to set up your clues. Tape your clues in place, use an object to weigh them down, hang them from a fence with ribbon, hang a banner from a tree, or have someone waiting there to hand out your clues to your partner. Each clue should be fairly easy to spot so that your partner doesn’t have a problem finding it.
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    • Consider getting your mutual friends involved to help deliver the clues to your partner in each location.
    • Consider hiring people to help deliver clues to your partner. These people could be dressed up in costumes to really take your treasure hunt above and beyond.
    • If you’re setting up clues in stores, restaurants, etc., make sure to talk with the management to get their permission. Some of your clues may require the assistance of these stores, so make sure that they are willing to help.
  3. Do a test run of the treasure hunt. It’s a good idea for you to do a test run of the treasure hunt so you’ll know whether it works, if it’s too easy or too difficult, and approximately how much time it takes to complete it. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments before sending your partner on their romantic treasure hunt.
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    • This will also help you determine what time you should be waiting for them at their final location.
  4. Start the treasure hunt! Now that you’ve set everything up, get this romantic treasure hunt started. Give your partner their first clue, and let them begin the journey. Make sure that you are waiting it the final location by the time they get there.
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